Indian Institution of Export and Import Management | IIEIM

Import and Export Management - Our Mission

"To provide the analytical and practical tools for managing today and to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow"



- To act as catalyst in preparing Managers, Management thinkers, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and allied Professionals to face    the challenges of GLOBALISATION.

- To advance and disseminate knowledge in International Business and related field of Management in Global context.

- To carry out Research and provide Advisory Service, Training Programmes etc., in relevant areas.

- To suggest improvement and simplification in systems and procedures of India's Export - Import for better results.

- To maintain Overseas liaison with International and, UN agencies like ITC, WTO, UNCTAD, IMF, World Bank etc.

- To establish rapport with similar agencies, Associations and Institutions in India and abroad.

- To enrich and enhance the status and role of Foreign Trade and related Professionals in India and abroad.