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Import and Export Management - Managing Tomorrow's World

Today’s Executives must be constantly aware of the environment and dynamics of the global market place. Further, they must be alive to the reality of geopolitics intruding upon and affecting their endeavors. The world is increasingly independent and interconnected. They must know the dimensions of the foreign economies and International market place. Also, they have to have a clear picture of the origin and destination of Exports and Imports and the reasons why these trade flows between nations occur. This comprehensive knowledge is essential for the strategy, planning and commitment of International Business effort.

The unique two-year Masters’ Programme in International Business (MPIB) is specially designed by the experts to prepare Executives and Entrepreneurs to meet the challenges of emerging Global environment.

The two-year Masters’ Programme in International Marketing is an elaborate course for developing a competent cadre of Business Executives to meet the country’s growing requirements of resources personnel in the field of Foreign Trade and International Marketing.

The one year Diploma in Export-Import Management (DEIM) / International Logistics (DILM) is designed for fresh Graduates as well as young Managers with experience and is specially focused on equipping them to shape up their careers. We have introduced 1 year Executive Masters’ in International Trade and this fast track programme is well suited for Working Executives / busy Professionals.

To help the large segment of people who could not opt for / or complete Graduation, or Graduates who need a formal exposure to the concepts, documentation & procedures, the six-month Certificate course has been designed.

We, at the IIEIM, have a sense of pardonable amount of pride in stating that care in good measure has been exercised to inculcate the right kind of Attitude, Education and Skills in our students. We take pleasure in inviting you to join these well-devised programs as it is intended to help students shape their future careers. We will be glad to respond to your queries and any other personal guidance that you may require to join this very exacting learning experience, which is one time investment for growth.

Dr. P.P. Radhakrishnan
President - IIEIM